Personal Injury Attorney
for Tourist Injuries in Hawaii

Personal Injury Attorney for Tourist Injuries in Hawaii

Hawaii’s healthy tourism injury brought over 9.3 million people to the state in 2017. This increased to close to 10 million people in 2018. 117 people died on Hawaii’s roadways in 2018. In addition, nearly one tourist dies a week from common tourist activities like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and hiking in Hawaii.

Drownings During Tourist Activities

Drowning accidents are particularly a problem during scuba diving, jet skiing and parasailing activities. Drowning deaths in Hawaii are 13 times the national average. We started litigating drowning cases in 1991 when a newly married husband drowned in Hawaii. We have been litigating drowning cases in Hawaii for the past 28 years and have some of the leading verdicts and settlements in Hawaii in the past five years.

When a Tourist is Injured - Contact with an Attorney is Crucial

Tourists come to Hawaii from all over the world. At O’Connell and Associates we understand that you need special contact and guidance for your personal injury case. Most of the clients we have represented in Hawaii come to the islands for vacation or a honeymoon. They never thought that an accident or tragedy could occur and don’t know anyone to turn to for help. We maintain contact with you through email and phone calls throughout the legal claim and litigation process and will come to you wherever you are located if you or someone you love has suffered serious personal injuries as a result of an accident.

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